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2018-02-04 – Robotech – Lemming Squadron

the-predator-predator-4-officially-wrapped-filming-today-55If it bleeds……why isn’t it bleeding?

Caught in a clusterstrophe now, Black Sheep Squadron has crash landed behind enemy lines. This new foe, the Invid, worries the Captain, and its only a matter of time before they’re besieged.

The survivors/and or new characters of the squadron are then immediately tasked to secure a comms tower that has saboteur action within it, and the foe within has proven invisible to all sensors….

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2018-01-21 – Robotech – Black Sheep Down


39_Southern_Cross_Bioroid_7Yeaahh things are just going to get worse.


The Black Sheep squadron reels from implications that a foe from lightyears away…the Robotech Masters could be plotting a course towards Earth.  Coupled with the mysterious disappearances of all bodies aboard Space Station Liberty, speculation abounds.  Things only get worse from hereon out, as wild thoughts flood the team…

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2018-01-06 – Robotech – A Dream in Cryo

blacksheepBlack Sheep Squadron, ready to roll

Our winter refrain is over (barring winter travel advisories), and the new year starts off, fittingly with the new characters of the second great war in Robotech, also known as the Masters Saga. Please keep in mind that the canon history of the Macross Saga has been altered, and that we encourage you to listen to our most recent retelling of it first, to understand the changes.

Meet the Black Sheep Squadron



Daniel Sterling – Son of two veteran Macross aces, one of which ended up with PTSD and DID issues, Daniel Sterling is more of a space pilot than a groundpounder, being tossed around from caregiver to caregiver.


Ellie Zand – A full-blooded Zentradi genetically manipulated by Dr. Zand for his own purposes, also has a cybernetic arm.


Xale Krieger – A half-breed Zentradi as well, who has taken to fancy the human side of life, raised as an orphan.


Ariella Stone – Zentradi team leader, veteran of the Macross war.  Ended up in South America and became a part of a tech bandits operation. Very impulsive.



Cantro Hendricks – half-Zentradi, but very focused on the Zentradi side. Huge, quiet, and aggressive, zealous in combat.

Alexander Schmidt – Spaceborn human, skilled in all types of piloting and artillery.

Listen to Part 1 Here!
Listen to Part 2 Here!

2017-11-16 – Robotech – A New Start

552-Robotech-The-Masters-Saga-SourcebookI accidentally rolled a Thickneck!

Today we set out a bit of light RP as we develop some new characters for the second major saga of Robotech, the Masters Saga.  This is a short game, but I think we all got a great handle on the new characters by the end of it.


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2017-09-25 – Robotech – Shallow Victories

khyronsendFor the glory of Khyron!  Victory!


It has been a huge investment of life and heartache.  The Zentradi Control Zone is aswarm with malcontents.  And yet those hostages lurk in the grounded ship.  It doesn’t take long to realize that something is desperately wrong with the situation, but with the Kill-Bunnies’ command structure now in pieces, can they avoid making a fatal mistake while trying to anticipate the mad warrior Khyron’s final assault?



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2017_08_27 – Robotech – Meltdown

1640158-khyron_03Nothing so satisfying as scratching names off of a list…




The final battle of the Killbunny Squad draws ever closer.  In the heart of the Zentradi Control Zone, the possibilities of ambush are insanely high.  With only the Zentradi expatriot Grell to lead them, the Killbunnies seek to ID Khyron’s home base without awaking the hornet’s nest.

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2017_08_14 – Robotech – Just One Last Mission

NalideThey sent me to die, but I’ve been dead for years.

The war ended.  We won.  That should’ve been it.  We should’ve gotten to go home, cast off those uniforms, and just try to return to humanity.  But an attack on New Macross City has trailed back to the Zentradi Control Zone in South America, proving exactly that we need to keep pushing this fight.

Nalide Nakamea is now a single mother; addicted to Zone, the combat drug that helped her survive that last battle.  She and her team have been ordered to finish this fight in South America, by hunting down the dread figure known as Khyron…also known as the Butcher of Mars.  The same place, the same battle in which Nalide was the sole survivor of…

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05-20-17 – Robotech – War’s End


I have one question and one question only for you…

It ends here.  Everything the Kill Bunnies have sacrificed.  Legendary characters are put on the line, as the SDF-1 makes its desperate attempt to put an end to Dolza’s fleet with one single action.  Phoenix Squadron, Skull Squadron, Darkangel Squadron, and the Killbunny Squadron, they all leave everything on the field.

Nobody comes back whole from this one.


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As before, Part 2 is unavailable, but a synopsis has been provided

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05-07-17 – Robotech – The Human Factor

species-rdfDo you mind? I’m trying to do some Intergalactic Brinksmanship here.

We’ve experienced some technical issues, our recorder has been only recording the first 2 Gigs of data for our games, but as of this post, they have been fixed.  Please bear with us.


Aboard the SDF-1, the Chronos Ascendants have still been lurking about, and now, in full view of the Zentradi armada who come to the RDF defenders bringing dire news, now they choose to make their mark.   A dangerous situation for all involved…

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Part 2 is unfortunately unrecorded due to an issue with the machine.

04_06_17 – Robotech – Breaking Through!

roboSurely with the SDF-1 and Earth’s advances, we’ll emerge triumphant this time!

The SDF-1 has finally gotten close enough to Earth to make contact, but the Zentradi armada has jammed all transmissions from the Space Fortress.  It comes down to Kill-Bunny Squadron to attempt to pass the blockade in order to reach the United Earth Government in some form or another…and reunite with an old acquaintance.

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