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2018-01-06 – Robotech – A Dream in Cryo

blacksheepBlack Sheep Squadron, ready to roll

Our winter refrain is over (barring winter travel advisories), and the new year starts off, fittingly with the new characters of the second great war in Robotech, also known as the Masters Saga. Please keep in mind that the canon history of the Macross Saga has been altered, and that we encourage you to listen to our most recent retelling of it first, to understand the changes.

Meet the Black Sheep Squadron



Daniel Sterling – Son of two veteran Macross aces, one of which ended up with PTSD and DID issues, Daniel Sterling is more of a space pilot than a groundpounder, being tossed around from caregiver to caregiver.


Ellie Zand – A full-blooded Zentradi genetically manipulated by Dr. Zand for his own purposes, also has a cybernetic arm.


Xale Krieger – A half-breed Zentradi as well, who has taken to fancy the human side of life, raised as an orphan.


Ariella Stone – Zentradi team leader, veteran of the Macross war.  Ended up in South America and became a part of a tech bandits operation. Very impulsive.



Cantro Hendricks – half-Zentradi, but very focused on the Zentradi side. Huge, quiet, and aggressive, zealous in combat.

Alexander Schmidt – Spaceborn human, skilled in all types of piloting and artillery.

Listen to Part 1 Here!
Listen to Part 2 Here!

10-28 10-29 – Black Cat Double Feature!


Okay given our track record, I finally see why people call us infamous.

As we work to get things in order to move to a new home, as well as dealing with moving to a bi-weekly schedule for a bit, the Black Cats get called into action for two whole games!

Our good friend Jeff ran a game for the Cats, you may remember him from some very early games on the podcast, we’re hoping to have him back more often.  In this first game, he sets the stage across the pond in the US!  The first time most of these Cats have been over there stateside,

Download Part 1 Here!

Download Part 2 Here!

The next day, Dan runs the Cats through another harrowing journey as they deal with preternatural foes of a most tricksy nature.

Download Part 1 Here!

Download Part 2 Here!

10-09-17 – Cascade – Spinning Plates

CascadeCan’t the world stay saved for just five minutes?


It has been six months since the events of Panicnookie.   The city’s been quiet, and life starts to mend. Our heroes take some much needed time off, attempting to rebuild their lives, destress, upgrade, and gain some measure of control over their lives.  The day is October the first, and already thoughts turn to last year, and the disastrous event known as Devil’s Night. The city has barely recovered from the rioting, looting, and arson.  Even now it struggles to show that it can stand on its own two feet.  The matter is made worse after an Irish mob shootout attacked a one-time nemesis of the heroes of Cascade, The Bones of Utu.   The heroes start to dig up a trail that leads them further away from the crimes on the surface…to the things happening below.

Download Part 1 Here!

Download Part 2 Here!

2017-09-25 – Robotech – Shallow Victories

khyronsendFor the glory of Khyron!  Victory!


It has been a huge investment of life and heartache.  The Zentradi Control Zone is aswarm with malcontents.  And yet those hostages lurk in the grounded ship.  It doesn’t take long to realize that something is desperately wrong with the situation, but with the Kill-Bunnies’ command structure now in pieces, can they avoid making a fatal mistake while trying to anticipate the mad warrior Khyron’s final assault?



Download Part 1 Here!

Download Part 2 Here!

2017-09-08 – The Paragons – The Wyold Times

luccaBeing an incomparable genius, and the savior of the masses is certainly a lot of hard work, I’d just be happy if I got the credit I deserve…

The Paragons receive an urgent message regarding a kidnapped princess, but there’s only two of them available to look into the matters.  So one of the resident outfitters for the team, the incomparable Lucca Ashtear, (yes from that game, don’t judge me), joins up to take her GK-009 armor for a field test.  But when the Black Dog robber knights demand the King of Midland abdicate his throne, there’s surely something hidden at work here…



Lady Mournblade – Cityrat turned Sword Mage

Lucca Ashtear  – Greatest Genius of her time, Savior of the masses, Caster down of the Gods themselves, and occasionally deigns to make things for people.  What?  A girl’s got to make a living.

Cinder – Dwarven superweapon with an evershifting power structure.

Ran by Zakk, who also ran the Cascade game ‘The Secret of the Magnum Opus’  (a good listen, give it a go!)

Download Part 1 Here!

Download Part 2 Here!

2017_09_05 – The Paragons – Of Fools and Floating Rocks

shipNot the type of cruise I was hoping for

The Paragons snuck in an extra game on Labor Day.  Join Cinder, Rina the noble Palladin, young Ashton the Ice Knight, and Guardian Iatos as they explore a mechanical island in search of stone-man raiding pirates.  The Paragons have certainly met their match this time, so may the cards be ever in their favor.
Download Part 1 Here!


Download Part 2 Here!

2017_09_04 – The Paragons – 20 Year Grudge

dracoI feel like I missed an integral part of the plot…


The Paragons of Palladium have returned for another trial run.


Cinder     Cinder – Fiery superweapon made during the Elf-Dwarf War.







(not played today) Black Arrow Iatos – Elder archer, granted a tiny sliver of supernatural skill from the creature simply known as ‘The Archer’


Ashton – Elven Noble with exceptional Ice powers.  Fanboy of the Paragons


GiGi – Goblin Cobbler who made a deal with a Deevil.  Informant for the Paragons

(not played today) Rina – Raised as a Barbarian, skilled as a Paladin, with the blessing of her Pantheon.



The Paragons, or perhaps a second string of them, find themselves investigating a theft, that ends up having the thief beat a path to their door.  Literally.

Download Part 1 Here!



Download Part 2 Here!

07-16-17 – The Paragons – Welcome to the Paragon Age

High Action and Adventure in a whole new game concept, with Cards!


We’re back after a few weeks off.  The Paragons of Palladium takes place in a slightly-altered timeline, which may or may not be the real events of the Elf-Dwarf War.   As it stands, the Elf-Dwarf war has been stopped by the might of a collection of 100 individuals of great strength and power.  Whether or not this tenuous unease returns or not, depends largely on the actions of this free company.

The elder bowman, the Dwarven powerhouse, the ancient monk and his apprentice, and the flirty assassin.  Together they compromise a team of the Paragons, intent on keeping the world at peace.

Download Part 1 Here!
Download Part 2 Here!


The cards played, will be presented to Kevin Siembieda at Gencon in hopes of stirring a new fun side game for the Rifter’s publication.  .pub docs may be made available upon request.

06_04_2017 – Silver City – Unmasked

silver cityHello fellow students, you look trustworthy…

The Silver City Survivors are still feeling the aftermath of the dock incident, leaving one of their own dead.  In this action-light night, the police get involved, and some of the Survivors make some very surprising choices in how to deal with them.  In addition, questions arise over Warren’s entire involvement with La Razza, a gun running operation in the city.



Part 1

Part 2

Download them here!

05_28_17 – Cascade – Panicnookie


electricjumpDynamo Entry!


Still on the trail of the mysterious vat, the heroes of Cascade track down those who put it up for auction.  The question reveals itself though, how far are the heroes willing to go, to interrogate a death cult, and what are they willing to do?

Panicnookie.  They are willing to do panicnookie.


Download Part 1 Here!

Download Part 2 Here!