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The Guides to the Megaverse(tm)….discuss Justice League



In a word: It was Two Hours, and we immediately talked about it for 45 minutes.


Finally the DC film meant to help put it on par with Marvel has arrived.  We’ve seen it, and we try to approach film with a gamer point of view.  Here are our thoughts.

Download it here!

10-28 10-29 – Black Cat Double Feature!


Okay given our track record, I finally see why people call us infamous.

As we work to get things in order to move to a new home, as well as dealing with moving to a bi-weekly schedule for a bit, the Black Cats get called into action for two whole games!

Our good friend Jeff ran a game for the Cats, you may remember him from some very early games on the podcast, we’re hoping to have him back more often.  In this first game, he sets the stage across the pond in the US!  The first time most of these Cats have been over there stateside,

Download Part 1 Here!

Download Part 2 Here!

The next day, Dan runs the Cats through another harrowing journey as they deal with preternatural foes of a most tricksy nature.

Download Part 1 Here!

Download Part 2 Here!


guideslogo-croppedThe Guides to the Megaverse TM have started getting their stuff together!  We’ve got a logo now and are currently setting up an RSS feed so we can go onto Itunes!  More content to follow as well!


04_13_17 – Cascade – Deeper

vatDare you to taste it!


The Heroes of Cascade (possibly known as Team Overwatch, they haven’t decided) are still up in the air about the mysterious vat that was being auctioned off earlier in the week.  With 56 near death, the rest of the team finds themselves beset with those close to them with needs that hit closer to home.  And yet the vat’s threat looms still…

Unfortunately Part 2 was missed due to a recording issue.
Listen to it here!

01_29_17 – The New Warriors – Endless Dark



The Nightlords’ plan to bring forth Dark Day is quite possibly the most chilling, and dangerous event the New Warriors had ever endeavored to stop.  The team considers themselves only ‘city protectors’, since the Centurions departure, the small group know they need a great deal of assistance to even attempt this resistance.  All the deals, all the back alley negotiations and favors are called in as the team assembles their strike into the core of the Nightlands…


Download Part 1 Here!

Download Part 2 Here!

10_8_16 – Dead Reign – End of the Road

dead_reign_rpg_2008Of all the books to never open in a horror game, we chose not to open the actual core book!


In the month of October, we play Dead Reign for a while.  In a land just after the apocalypse started, we don’t know much about what we’re facing, we don’t know where to go, and we have no tools to do it.  For added investment, we’ve been given two things:  The inability to look at the book of Dead Reign, so we can’t magically understand what we’re fighting, and two: An EXP Bounty for everyone we manage to save in the NPC group.   Its a difficult game, full of the worst sorts of choices, where society has already collapsed and the living dead are almost impossible to kill.

A former veterinarian student doomsayer, a fast as lightning truck driver, a Cajun that’s unintelligible, and a Russian anarchist cook, with an apparent grudge against the US Military…

Part One

Part Two

Download them Here and Here

6/19/16 – Robotech – Repelling Action

robotechBad enough when someone sideswipes you on the road…

Just as the Kill-Bunnies (as part of Vermillion Squadron) manage to complete a daring assault on Miriya Quadrano’s ship, in a daring mission to remove the dangerous Female Zentradi from the war, the inevitable counterattack occurs within hours.   The wily and unpredictable Khyron has returned, spacefolding his own cruiser up into the side of the SDF-1, and launching a major boarding party into Macross itself.


With the K-Bunnies back in their Destroids, the hardest part is the wait to be called in.  Family is threatened, Daniel Tosh makes an appearance again, and someone in the group can’t roll over a goddamned 4!  The SDF’s resources are strained to the breaking point, but its at times like these that only tactics and luck can win the day…

Godspeed, K-Bunnies.

Nalide – lvl 9 Battloid Ace
Felix – lvl 6 Veritech Ace
Oz – lvl 4 Veritech Ace
Nick – lvl 4 Veritech Ace


The link can be found here

5/30/16 – Cascade

The dark city of Cascade is not a place for heroes. The city is doing poor enough without vigilantes roaming the streets. Street crime has the city in a stranglehold, half the cops look the other way, and most of the rest are too scared to talk.

This isn’t a city for flame slinging, flying bricks. Just catching sight of a flying hero is enough to send the city into an economic panic. Insurance rates rise, expecting collateral damage, and the mayor’s office steadfast reminds the police force that vigilantism is not tolerated. Offenders will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

But who will break the grip of the criminal institution that makes Cascade ‘neutral ground’ for all the various syndicates? Who will right the wrongs when the police cannot help?


56 – a former Yakuza legbreaker who has ended up in Cascade, hoping to cut ties with his syndicate. Wields a pair of baseball bats, and wears a facemask

Pi-chan – A young Chinese martial artist who works at a shop that her grandfather owns, and unknowningly has ties to the Triads as well.

Danny – A kid from the 1950s whose parents were engineers in the great Cascade Dynamo event. (A self-sustaining power source that unknowingly tapped into ley lines) The reactor’s initial coming online ended up ripping him from his body, and leaving him as a only-sometimes-tangible ghost. (Yes, we realize he’s playing Danny Phantom)

Foul – The 10 year old son of a pair of drug dealers who, upon his death, somehow became a gestalt of flies. Quite weird, I know.


The link can be found here.

5/15/16 – The Black Cat Society Picks Up the Pieces

blackcatGot possessed, got marked by a demonic book, and had a loopy walkabout…been a rough day!

In 1939, A young man inherits the estate of his father, the manor house of the Black Cat Society, a noted gentleman’s ghost-hunting club that had fallen on hard times.

Little did he know that the world would need this Society back on its feet, and soon. Apparently in some circles, agents of the Black Cat Society still worked, still hunted the supernatural threats of the world. And one of those men knocked on the door of Christopher Fowler’s new home, seeking a place to stay…and then a request for help came in the mail.

At first it was to pay the bills, to pay down the bills of the old house, and perhaps more quietly, a way for Christopher to find a way to connect to his father as he discovers what the Society was all about.

Our story begins in media res:

Christopher Fowler – lvl 3 Normal Person
Zeifer – lvl 3 Demon Hunter
Anastasia – newly introduced Techno-Wizard
Duncan McAllister – lvl 2 Enchanted Object (lantern)
(previous)Fawn – lvl 2 Alien who met with an unfortunate fate
In our last adventure, the story opened with a film director wanting to buy the license of the team, to tell their stories, intent on cashing in on the market of supernatural stories. The Society wasn’t really sure what stories he was talking about or how the director knew of them, but they quickly got tired of his pseudo-sinister tone.

That was when the director suddenly crashed to the ground in another room, and started melting. The skeletal figure, that once was a man, fought the party, and was destroyed. Panicked by the situation, the Society fled the house, leaving the victim’s daughter to find him.

Soon the Society’s house was searched as the London police force arrested them on suspicion of murder. Firearms were found on site, as well as Fawn, the alien. The Society attempt to explain the situation, even showing the Major NPC (Nottinghamshire Police Constabulary) evidence of the supernatural.

It mattered not, in the long run. The party was taken to the jails of Scotland Yard, where they were held. Christopher, only wanting to aid his government, writes out a full disposition about the activities of the society. After four hours, the group is released with no charges being filed, with much disgust from the arresting detective.

Eager to understand more about this mysterious death (and rumors of it not being the first), Christopher makes a choice to study the possibilities of the undead by reading a special book that had been picked up in an earlier adventure. The Necronomicon Ex Mortis.

Zeifer stumbles across Christopher as he reads the horrid book, a frenzied look in his eyes as he seeks to gain some insight. The Demon Hunter takes the book from him, and throws it into the fire.

Well, the Necronomicon can’t be destroyed so easily. The fire turns an eerie dark color as gas begins to fill the room. Both characters and the sleeping Duncan in a chair nearby, all take significant poison damage and collapse to the ground. Christopher reaches into the fire, burning himself, to grab the book and remove it. The mouth of the book opens, sucking back in all the gas.

A friendly oneshot PC that was in the area takes everyone to the hospital…except for Fawn who discovers the book laying in the hallway. She picks it up and finds herself unable to stop.

This adventure was known as the Black Cat Society and the self-inflicted near TPK.

This is the fallout of that event…


The link can be found here.