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2018-01-21 – Robotech – Black Sheep Down


39_Southern_Cross_Bioroid_7Yeaahh things are just going to get worse.


The Black Sheep squadron reels from implications that a foe from lightyears away…the Robotech Masters could be plotting a course towards Earth.  Coupled with the mysterious disappearances of all bodies aboard Space Station Liberty, speculation abounds.  Things only get worse from hereon out, as wild thoughts flood the team…

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2018-01-06 – Robotech – A Dream in Cryo

blacksheepBlack Sheep Squadron, ready to roll

Our winter refrain is over (barring winter travel advisories), and the new year starts off, fittingly with the new characters of the second great war in Robotech, also known as the Masters Saga. Please keep in mind that the canon history of the Macross Saga has been altered, and that we encourage you to listen to our most recent retelling of it first, to understand the changes.

Meet the Black Sheep Squadron



Daniel Sterling – Son of two veteran Macross aces, one of which ended up with PTSD and DID issues, Daniel Sterling is more of a space pilot than a groundpounder, being tossed around from caregiver to caregiver.


Ellie Zand – A full-blooded Zentradi genetically manipulated by Dr. Zand for his own purposes, also has a cybernetic arm.


Xale Krieger – A half-breed Zentradi as well, who has taken to fancy the human side of life, raised as an orphan.


Ariella Stone – Zentradi team leader, veteran of the Macross war.  Ended up in South America and became a part of a tech bandits operation. Very impulsive.



Cantro Hendricks – half-Zentradi, but very focused on the Zentradi side. Huge, quiet, and aggressive, zealous in combat.

Alexander Schmidt – Spaceborn human, skilled in all types of piloting and artillery.

Listen to Part 1 Here!
Listen to Part 2 Here!