2017_09_04 – The Paragons – 20 Year Grudge

dracoI feel like I missed an integral part of the plot…


The Paragons of Palladium have returned for another trial run.


Cinder     Cinder – Fiery superweapon made during the Elf-Dwarf War.







(not played today) Black Arrow Iatos – Elder archer, granted a tiny sliver of supernatural skill from the creature simply known as ‘The Archer’


Ashton – Elven Noble with exceptional Ice powers.  Fanboy of the Paragons


GiGi – Goblin Cobbler who made a deal with a Deevil.  Informant for the Paragons

(not played today) Rina – Raised as a Barbarian, skilled as a Paladin, with the blessing of her Pantheon.



The Paragons, or perhaps a second string of them, find themselves investigating a theft, that ends up having the thief beat a path to their door.  Literally.

Download Part 1 Here!



Download Part 2 Here!