The Guides to the Megaverse(tm) recommend…The Esoteric Order of Role Players!



One of my two favorite podcast Actual Play groups is the Esoteric Order of Role Players.   Its a smaller group with a cast of role play intensive gamers, who bring to light some more thoughtful, and deep characters in their games.  Mostly focusing on telling a story than winning, tEORP plays a lot of Call of Cthulhu, and most noteworthy in my eyes, the full King Arthur Pendragon campaign.

I’m on my third trip through KAP as I find myself engrossed in the long running story, and characters that feel familiar to me now.  The ever bold and victorious Sir Cynrain, Sir Wulfram the zealot, the long suffering family of Sir Pace and Newton Tony, and Sir Virgil who kept great secrets even from his dearest companions.

I’m not 100% sold on KAP, I find that I both enjoy and hate the trait system simultaneously as it robs character agency but also promotes more in character decisions simultaneously.  The idea of a person notably valiant, fleeing from battle because he failed his Valorous roll, is indeed the sort of tragedy that KAP is noted for.   Character death in the game is extremely high, but not in a way that is detrimental, but in a way that tells its own tale, for you play a lineage in KAP, not simply a single knight.  Those legacies echo on throughout life, and that is a necessary aspect to a living world.

The cast of players and GM are obviously well at ease with each other, and great friends.  Even if characters come to blow with each other, its eagerly played out to see exactly how the scene must play out.  They are indeed storytellers, and as I listen to them, I learn more about my own game.

Currently the podcast has been playing Horror on the Orient Express, for the newest edition, as well as a full Deadlands campaign.  I highly recommend this cast, and am lucky enough to have half the cast reserved tickets for my game at Gencon 2017 this year.  Let us hope I do not disappoint!

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