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05_28_17 – Cascade – Panicnookie


electricjumpDynamo Entry!


Still on the trail of the mysterious vat, the heroes of Cascade track down those who put it up for auction.  The question reveals itself though, how far are the heroes willing to go, to interrogate a death cult, and what are they willing to do?

Panicnookie.  They are willing to do panicnookie.


Download Part 1 Here!

Download Part 2 Here!

05_28_17 – Silver City – Grief


That a life so young, came to an end so fast.


The ripples of Nate Miller’s death are felt at his funeral, and the Silver City Survivors will never be the same.  As each character copes with the loss of a good friend, blame is thrown around.  Some of the kids are emboldened, determined never to let something like this happen again.  Others find only folly in the idea of using their strange powers at all…

Download it here!

05-20-17 – Robotech – War’s End


I have one question and one question only for you…

It ends here.  Everything the Kill Bunnies have sacrificed.  Legendary characters are put on the line, as the SDF-1 makes its desperate attempt to put an end to Dolza’s fleet with one single action.  Phoenix Squadron, Skull Squadron, Darkangel Squadron, and the Killbunny Squadron, they all leave everything on the field.

Nobody comes back whole from this one.


Listen to it here!


As before, Part 2 is unavailable, but a synopsis has been provided

Listen to it here!

05-07-17 – Robotech – The Human Factor

species-rdfDo you mind? I’m trying to do some Intergalactic Brinksmanship here.

We’ve experienced some technical issues, our recorder has been only recording the first 2 Gigs of data for our games, but as of this post, they have been fixed.  Please bear with us.


Aboard the SDF-1, the Chronos Ascendants have still been lurking about, and now, in full view of the Zentradi armada who come to the RDF defenders bringing dire news, now they choose to make their mark.   A dangerous situation for all involved…

Download it here!

Part 2 is unfortunately unrecorded due to an issue with the machine.

05 01 17 – Heroes Of Eorzea – Met In The Field

orcfeatNo cockney British accents here!

The young squires of Eorzea have been knighted in preparation for combat.  A bit early to truly grow into the confidence of being the sword of the King Lightningstrom, the young knights question the intention of putting down the orc tribe that torched one of their small hamlets.  Nevertheless, there is a call to battle, and while nobody may know their place in the ranks, everyone knows what must be done in battle…

Download Part 1 Here!

Download Part 2 Here!

05_01_17 – Cascade – Staying On Task

Cultist_FinalWhat mystery lies in the Bones of Utu?


In this short game, the Heroes of Cascade attempt to learn more about the holders of the strange vat, a death cult known as ‘The Bones of Utu’.   With the city tooling up to defend itself from their shenanigans, the heroes must be extra cunning….

Listen to it here!

04_13_17 – Cascade – Deeper

vatDare you to taste it!


The Heroes of Cascade (possibly known as Team Overwatch, they haven’t decided) are still up in the air about the mysterious vat that was being auctioned off earlier in the week.  With 56 near death, the rest of the team finds themselves beset with those close to them with needs that hit closer to home.  And yet the vat’s threat looms still…

Unfortunately Part 2 was missed due to a recording issue.
Listen to it here!

04_06_17 – Robotech – Breaking Through!

roboSurely with the SDF-1 and Earth’s advances, we’ll emerge triumphant this time!

The SDF-1 has finally gotten close enough to Earth to make contact, but the Zentradi armada has jammed all transmissions from the Space Fortress.  It comes down to Kill-Bunny Squadron to attempt to pass the blockade in order to reach the United Earth Government in some form or another…and reunite with an old acquaintance.

Download it here!

2017_03_26 – Cascade – The Secret of the Magnum Opus

casinoAlways bet on Jin Sang
trixi_by_ewgraphics_by_drunkentiefling-d4v8lmaNobody said being a Guile Hero would be easy


Zakk tries his hand at a game in Cascade, allowing myself the chance to introduce my own character…

Introducing Kelly Sharpe, the Queen of Diamonds – Revamped Stage Magician OCC

The heroes of Cascade don’t have to simply be reactionary, sometimes they pick up their own leads in order to take the fight to the syndicates.  They had decided on taking on the sex trade, and as part of that, two heavily armed tactical riflemen, a baseball bat wielding ex-Yakuza, and a casino entertainer put their skills to use as they learn the secret of the Magnum Opus casino.

Download Part 1 Here!
Download Part 2 Here!