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03_19_17 – After the Bomb – The Birds and the Bees

This is nothing like the ‘man to man’ talk I had with my dad

The small crew of the S.S. Righteous Indignation has been forcefully drafted into the military for a specific job.  Not everyone’s happy about it, but their investment is on the line.  Diplomacy and danger lurk in the future, especially for a cartoon Tourette’s raccoon merchant.


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03_05_17 – The Heroes of Eorzea – A Simple Patrol

EorzeaAmid azure seas, there lies a land embraced by the gods and forged by….squires?

In the eastern side of the Palladium Fantasy world, there lies a single citystate, hard pressed to find upon any map.  With great crystals providing limitless energy, and the technology to merge with it, the citystate of Eorzea heralds the theoretical dawn of a new Elven Empire.  Such are the tales of would-be knights in her glorious service.

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02_17_17 – Esper Force – In Plain Sight

Esper Force, Japan’s top and only superhero team has made a deal with a rather shady figure, trusting him to his word to learn about something deemed ‘very important’ to the future of Japan.  Confronted with a massive laboratory, it was assured that things were going to get much worse, very quickly.  And so it does….

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02_12_17 – Cascade – The Auction Pt2

Jin SangIf the Punisher and the Winter Soldier had a North Korean Baby….and was 50 odd years old, he’d be Jin Sang.
Okay that analogy fell flat….

The heroes of Cascade are in a grim situation.  After a haphazard attempt at coordination goes awry, the three are left to their own devices, dealing with weapon-brandishing thugs, and several representatives of major crime syndicates.  56, in particular, has met a foe that he cannot simply club aside, an erudite and dangerous masked figure…

And the package, the package that was being bid on before the attack began, what of it?  What secrets does it hold?  Time will tell.

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