01_21_17 – The Baalgor Wastelands – Land of Adventure

BaalgorYou know…when I woke up this morning, I did not expect THIS.

In the midst of the wastes of the southern reaches of the Palladium Fantasy world, a literal motley group of thrillseekers and adventurers actually meet, without being in a bar!  Thrown together due to a strange oddity of life, and an interest in protecting the innocent, the small band looks to clear their name together!

Serei – Draenei (reflavored Wolfen) monk, quite possibly the last of her kind, uses drunken boxing
Jinzo – Human Samurai, disgraced and exiled after his political marriage destroyed his entire clan line
– A Wolfen Familiar Wrangler, with some minor spell ability, and a rather dangerous wolf.


Listen to it here!