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01/08/17 – The New Warriors – The 176 problems of Tessa Goodchild

Tessa3All I ever wanted to do, was bring magic into the world.


Organizing a resistance to an interplanetary invasion is never going to be easy, but there’s so much work to be done and nobody seems to be doing anything at all except dealing with their own issues!  It always comes down to the mage to have to lead such expeditions, meaning our heroine The Mystic of Century Station, Tessa Goodchild, has to get out of her element and actually deal with people and try to be….charismatic.

Stress ensues.

Download Part 1 Here!

Download Part 2 Here!

12/18/16 – Silver City – Fallout

NateSure it’s fun to play hero, but I don’t think they’re playing by our rules…


The Silver City Survivors’ first foray into actual heroics has the unfortunate backlash of reality setting in.  Monsters, gunfire, and explosions follow in their wake.  Half of them aren’t even sure why they’re doing this, owing their loyalty to the others.  Hopefully their handler, Mr. Hansen is up to the task of ensuring that all of them make it home safely!

Hendricks – quiet military child, Construct Force Construct
Nate – skateboarder trickshot artist,  Alter Limb, Enlarge Objects, Targetting
Paige – fun loving, ADHD prone comics fan  – Gestalt hero
Ben – serious about heroism, suspicious of his father – APS: Air, Spiral
Wade – Worried about his powers, curious about Paige –  Super Energy Expulsion  Not played today.

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