7/24/16 – Suicide Squad – Once Upon a Time in Mexico…


Up to their necks in trouble, these heroes are on the run from the US Government and SCRET, yet they may be the ones to reveal a sinister plot in Century Station. They’ve been beaten, crippled, and mutated, and worst of all, they’ve been played the fool. Despite all their myriad of problems now, they’re determined to somehow reverse their situation. Recently they rescuded a tortured Troubleshooter in Mexico, it seems he may know a great deal more than physically possible, and yet he provides little answers…

Tessa Goodchild aka The Mystic of Century Station – lvl 6 Mystically Bestowed Weapon (currently lost), lvl 7 Wizard – Was killed with her lover Jamie when the great Old One Shuma-Gorath invaded Century Station, death failed to hold onto her permanently. Her life has been ruined with the breakup with her wife, her own child having disappeared during the interim, and now crippled with a near-useless leg. She struggles morally with simply ‘putting on the black’ to get her answers.



I’ve had better days.


Reckless – lvl 7 Mutant – A spider-totem type hero, you know the one. Reckless had never had the chance to question if he wanted to be a hero, as he got thrown so deep into the mix so quickly, his only option was to fight for his life. Mutated by the Creator’s mutagen, his face and body are now lumpy blobs everywhere, he now wears a Dark Man style getup, even in Central America

Jade – lvl 4 Mutant – A policewoman until her mutant powers broke out, Jade is both gorgeous and principled. She serves as the spiritual anchor of the team and the transportation as her energy discs have aided the team a great deal. While tough, her exploding spears haven’t quite been able to dish out as much as she can take, yet.

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