7/10/16 – Cascade – The Devil’s Justice – Finale


The longest night of your life is about to see dawn break

All the trials and tribulations of the Neighborhood Watch are for naught.  56 has been gutshot, heck, everyone’s been shot, and the morning is coming soon.  No doubt that the missing girls they were investigating will surely be out of the city soon.  56’s old ties to the Yakuza threaten his life as much as anything else that has happened in the hell of the last 48 hours.  Everyone is exhausted, discouraged, and out of ideas until Stan suggests bribing a prison guard to let them talk to the last subject on Juvi’s hitlist.


And maybe there they can find some of the desperately needed answers before the sun rises…


56 – Ancient weapon master

Pi – Martial Artist

Danny – Young ghost boy from the 1950s


You can listen to it here.


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