6/19/16 – Robotech – Repelling Action

robotechBad enough when someone sideswipes you on the road…

Just as the Kill-Bunnies (as part of Vermillion Squadron) manage to complete a daring assault on Miriya Quadrano’s ship, in a daring mission to remove the dangerous Female Zentradi from the war, the inevitable counterattack occurs within hours.   The wily and unpredictable Khyron has returned, spacefolding his own cruiser up into the side of the SDF-1, and launching a major boarding party into Macross itself.


With the K-Bunnies back in their Destroids, the hardest part is the wait to be called in.  Family is threatened, Daniel Tosh makes an appearance again, and someone in the group can’t roll over a goddamned 4!  The SDF’s resources are strained to the breaking point, but its at times like these that only tactics and luck can win the day…

Godspeed, K-Bunnies.

Nalide – lvl 9 Battloid Ace
Felix – lvl 6 Veritech Ace
Oz – lvl 4 Veritech Ace
Nick – lvl 4 Veritech Ace


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