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11/09/15 – Heroes Unlimited

“He tries to shove it down your throat.”


We’re back after a break, I’ve finally gotten a good microphone so we’re back into the fray!


Today we resolve some long hanging plot threads in the Heroes Unlimited games, starting with a Suicide Squad game in which everyone just..well, there was a lot of havoc, some cannibalism occurred, and we mock Will Smith, because to hell with him.

Woof – Ifrit looking slacker – Me

F-Bomb/M-80 – exploding demo expert – Zakk

Snapdragon/Thorn – symbiotic vine plant – Robert

GM – Dan


The second bonus bit is for Century Station, which had been undergoing a series of dimensional anomalies, thanks to years and years of history at the gaming table in which we’ve gone back in time twice.  The 15 years of backstory here may be hard to follow, but watch the players stumble through solving dimensional crises.


Jamie- adaptable assassin heroine – Robert

Tessa – High level mage, “The Mystic of Century Station” – Me

Chimera – Shapeshifter who killed a player with his very first combat action – Dan

Reckless – Mystical vigilante of the Spider Man style – Zakk