SickSlickMan – ‘Red vs Blue’ Retrospective Season 10

Ten seasons.  All the intrigue.  All the battles.  And the answer… to why we are here.

The finale of the Freelancer saga, season 10 shows the project in its final days leading up to the break-in to free the Alpha, while in the present Carolina rounds up the Reds and Blues for one final showdown against the Director.
Like I said in the credits, the series is going on hiatus for a while. I’m going to be putting a lot of effort into the Chorus Trilogy, but that’s going to take a lot of time, and I want to make sure I get it right. And that’s going to require a lot more help than I currently have available.
In the meantime, I’ll probably put out film reviews again, look into other Rooster Teeth productions (including the up-coming Lazer Team film), or maybe even find another webseries to focus on for a while. And I’ll be doing more updates on the SickSilckMan channel as well.
Hope you guys have enjoyed this series so far! More awesome stuff is on the way.
The season stars Burnie Burns as Leonard Church, Matt Hullum as Sarge/Frank “Doc” DuFrense/Agent Wyoming, Geoff Ramsey as Dexter Grif, Gustavo Sorola as Dick Simmons, Joel Heyman as Michael J. Caboose, Dan Godwin as Franklin Delano Donut and Jason Saldana as Lavernius Tucker.
The Freelancer arc stars Kathleen Zuelch as Agent Texas/Tex, Jen Brown as Agent Carolina, Shannon McCormick as Agent Washington, Sean Duggan as Agent York, John Erler as Agent North Dakota, Shana Merlin as Agent South Dakota, Samantha Ireland as C.T./Agent Connecticut, John Marshall Reed as Director Leonard Church, Lee Eddy as 479er, Asaf Ronin as The Counselor, Mark Bellman as the Delta A.I., Ryan Lee as the Theta A.I., and Elijah Wood as the Sigma A.I.
Special guest appearances by Hannah Hart and Smosh.

The Underground Labyrinth was filmed in Garry’s Mod by Facepunch Studios.

Music used:
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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