SickSlickMan – The Strangerhood Review

We’re gonna need a bigger bottle.

Happy Holidays! For today’s special, we take a look at one of the more rare gems in Rooster Teeth’s archive, The Strangerhood!

The Strangerhood was Rooster Teeth’s first attempt at an original webseries, this time using the Sims 2 as its backdrop. Widely regarded as one of the most difficult series’ to make and a much hated one by Burnie, it has never-the-less acquired cult fan status, and a second season has recently been announced as part of the Lazer Team indiegogo campaign.

The show stars David Zellner as Sam, Joel Heyman as Wade, Burnie Burns as Tovar/Griggs, Matt Hullum as Dutchmiller, Dan Godwin as Dr. Chalmers, Lindsay Griffith as Catherine and Brooke Hattabaugh as Nikki.

Side note: those shots seemed like a good idea at the time. Then again, they always do at the time…