7/20/15 – Phase World Session 0

Hello all, I’ve been meaning to start podcasting my group’s RPG activities of late, I am glad to finally report that it’s possible for me to start!

Now before we begin, let me explain my group.  We’re a Palladium RPG group, two members of us have been gaming together for 15 years or more now, with a total of about 40 gaming years between the two of us.  We know Palladium gets a bad rap in gaming circles, and I’m sick of hearing it.  I’d like to show you how we feel it can be played!

The game of interest is Phase World!  An everything-goes game where Mass Effect, Dead Space, Halo, Borderlands, and Firefly can all be played with ease.  The game does feature MDC rules, which we use sparingly, but we will brave the depths as we challenge ourselves in the system.


This particular episode is mostly us trying to introduce the concept of Phase World to the rest of the players, hash out some house rules, and develop our characters.   It’s slow and honestly, unimpressive, but I feel its good to see how the process works.  I admit my character, Or-La-Ko is in need of work.  Anway,  you’ll laugh at our hijinks, approve of our motley crew of ‘heroes’, and get annoyed that Adam won’t keep his damn phone turned off.
Or not.


Either way, I hope to make this a regular thing, and even if it doesn’t become a podcast, maybe I’ll summarize what we’ve been up to anyway.  One last note, we’re still not sure how to properly do the whole microphone at the table thing, so any suggestions about proper recording could be useful.


Notes: I am aware of the mic’s ticking, it sucks and I will upgrade fairly soon.  I am the guy who is too loud as well, so that doesn’t help.  No, I don’t sound like that in person. 😀


Thanks and Game On!