SickSlickMan – ‘Red vs Blue’ Retrospective – Season 2

I talk about why Sarge pisses me off, going into Caboose’s mind, and why I should probably never engage in a Spanish conversation.

…Yeah, season 2 doesn’t give me a whole lot critically to work with. But I figure this one’s the toughest, because I have a lot to say about everything else from here on in.

Starring Burnie Burns as Leonard Chuch/Lopez/Vic, Matt Hullum as Sarge/Frank “Doc” DuFresne, Geoff Ramsey as Dexter Grif, Jason Saldana as Lavernius Tucker, Gus Sorola as Dick Simmons, Dan Godwin as Franklin Donut, Joel Heyman as Michael J. Caboose, Yosemary Cruz as Shiela and Kathleen Zuelch as Tex.