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Moving on….in a good way.

I want to thank the small crew here at Collective Idiocy for helping encourage me to podcast, but now its time to move to a new home. We needed that RSS feed, that extra step to getting a larger fanbase, and that crucial ability to read stats and accept comments.  So the Guides are moving on.

We’re on iTunes now, we’re on Podbean now, and we won’t be further updating this site.

Thank you for accepting my work into the group project, and I hope if I made any real followers here, that you’ll join me at the new site, and don’t be afraid to say hello, or to provide comments.

As for me, the Guides are off to explore another corner of the Megaverse(tm)

2018-02-04 – Robotech – Lemming Squadron

the-predator-predator-4-officially-wrapped-filming-today-55If it bleeds……why isn’t it bleeding?

Caught in a clusterstrophe now, Black Sheep Squadron has crash landed behind enemy lines. This new foe, the Invid, worries the Captain, and its only a matter of time before they’re besieged.

The survivors/and or new characters of the squadron are then immediately tasked to secure a comms tower that has saboteur action within it, and the foe within has proven invisible to all sensors….

Download it here!

2018-01-21 – Robotech – Black Sheep Down


39_Southern_Cross_Bioroid_7Yeaahh things are just going to get worse.


The Black Sheep squadron reels from implications that a foe from lightyears away…the Robotech Masters could be plotting a course towards Earth.  Coupled with the mysterious disappearances of all bodies aboard Space Station Liberty, speculation abounds.  Things only get worse from hereon out, as wild thoughts flood the team…

Download Part 1 Here!

Download Part 2 Here!

2018-01-06 – Robotech – A Dream in Cryo

blacksheepBlack Sheep Squadron, ready to roll

Our winter refrain is over (barring winter travel advisories), and the new year starts off, fittingly with the new characters of the second great war in Robotech, also known as the Masters Saga. Please keep in mind that the canon history of the Macross Saga has been altered, and that we encourage you to listen to our most recent retelling of it first, to understand the changes.

Meet the Black Sheep Squadron



Daniel Sterling – Son of two veteran Macross aces, one of which ended up with PTSD and DID issues, Daniel Sterling is more of a space pilot than a groundpounder, being tossed around from caregiver to caregiver.


Ellie Zand – A full-blooded Zentradi genetically manipulated by Dr. Zand for his own purposes, also has a cybernetic arm.


Xale Krieger – A half-breed Zentradi as well, who has taken to fancy the human side of life, raised as an orphan.


Ariella Stone – Zentradi team leader, veteran of the Macross war.  Ended up in South America and became a part of a tech bandits operation. Very impulsive.



Cantro Hendricks – half-Zentradi, but very focused on the Zentradi side. Huge, quiet, and aggressive, zealous in combat.

Alexander Schmidt – Spaceborn human, skilled in all types of piloting and artillery.

Listen to Part 1 Here!
Listen to Part 2 Here!

2017-11-16 – Robotech – A New Start

552-Robotech-The-Masters-Saga-SourcebookI accidentally rolled a Thickneck!

Today we set out a bit of light RP as we develop some new characters for the second major saga of Robotech, the Masters Saga.  This is a short game, but I think we all got a great handle on the new characters by the end of it.


Download it here!

The Guides to the Megaverse(tm)….discuss Justice League



In a word: It was Two Hours, and we immediately talked about it for 45 minutes.


Finally the DC film meant to help put it on par with Marvel has arrived.  We’ve seen it, and we try to approach film with a gamer point of view.  Here are our thoughts.

Download it here!

2017-11-12 – Fantasy – The Investigation

kendallDo all Knight Errants have to deal with mouthy Kankoran, and mouthy Gnomes?

We turn our gaze back to Fantasy as war brews on the horizon, something that might have repercussions felt throughout all series of characters in all games!  The fallen god Chantico continues his war against the gods with some stalwart allies.  Together they’ve created strange new weapons and armor that can harness the power of magic, airships to control the skies, and circles to punish those who have faith.

Our surveying group of characters, under the charge of King Andross Pennington and his wife (and player character) Queen Ralli Weaver Pennington, finally report back with the news of the change at the dreaded Place of Magic.  Their new task is laid before them, find the airships that had left the harbor.  To do that though, they have to travel to another setting and another game, to a new land called…Eorzea


Download Part 1 Here!

Download Part 2 Here!

10-28 10-29 – Black Cat Double Feature!


Okay given our track record, I finally see why people call us infamous.

As we work to get things in order to move to a new home, as well as dealing with moving to a bi-weekly schedule for a bit, the Black Cats get called into action for two whole games!

Our good friend Jeff ran a game for the Cats, you may remember him from some very early games on the podcast, we’re hoping to have him back more often.  In this first game, he sets the stage across the pond in the US!  The first time most of these Cats have been over there stateside,

Download Part 1 Here!

Download Part 2 Here!

The next day, Dan runs the Cats through another harrowing journey as they deal with preternatural foes of a most tricksy nature.

Download Part 1 Here!

Download Part 2 Here!


guideslogo-croppedThe Guides to the Megaverse TM have started getting their stuff together!  We’ve got a logo now and are currently setting up an RSS feed so we can go onto Itunes!  More content to follow as well!


10-09-17 – Cascade – Spinning Plates

CascadeCan’t the world stay saved for just five minutes?


It has been six months since the events of Panicnookie.   The city’s been quiet, and life starts to mend. Our heroes take some much needed time off, attempting to rebuild their lives, destress, upgrade, and gain some measure of control over their lives.  The day is October the first, and already thoughts turn to last year, and the disastrous event known as Devil’s Night. The city has barely recovered from the rioting, looting, and arson.  Even now it struggles to show that it can stand on its own two feet.  The matter is made worse after an Irish mob shootout attacked a one-time nemesis of the heroes of Cascade, The Bones of Utu.   The heroes start to dig up a trail that leads them further away from the crimes on the surface…to the things happening below.

Download Part 1 Here!

Download Part 2 Here!